The Confusion about Categories and tags

There's one area which always causes confusion in WordPress users, both experienced and new. Categories and Tags No matter how carefully you plan your tags and category taxonomies (terms) at the beginning of your project, they quickly degenerate and become a complete mess. So, like it or not, … [Read more...]

Make your Tags Useful

Tags should be used as a genuinely useful navigation aid. You use tags so that your readers will find it easier to locate the kind of content that they're interested in. Poor tagging practice will do you site no good and, inevitably, will have a detrimental impact. A tag must be highly … [Read more...]

Starting with Categories

What are Categories for? Category archives are landing pages Your category archives are more important than individual pages and posts. This is true regardless of what type of site you have, a portfolio, a personal diary, an e-commerce site or something else again. Those archives should be the … [Read more...]

Cross Examine your Categories

Questions : How old is your site? Are you still using the same categories you started with? Are your categories still useful? Sites change as they go along and you may easily find that your categories are out of date. Perhaps it's time to have a good look at them Navigate to Posts >> … [Read more...]

Managing your Site as a Group

Is your site managed by a Group? This can be done very successfully as long as everyone in the group understands their roles, and follows the same formatting in posts. Group Roles Each group has its own agenda of course, and mission statement. The group also needs a plan for the website. When … [Read more...]