Make your Tags Useful

Tags should be used as a genuinely useful navigation aid. You use tags so that your readers will find it easier to locate the kind of content that they're interested in. Poor tagging practice will do you site no good and, inevitably, will have a detrimental impact. A tag must be highly … [Read more...]

Starting with Categories

You can't have uncategorised posts. Categories organise your content neatly, they're used as navigational elements for the Reader. The whole point of your site is making it simple for Readers to move around and find the information they want. Read the Instructions Navigate to Dashboard >> … [Read more...]

Cross Examine your Categories

Questions : How old is your site? Are you still using the same categories you started with? Are your categories still useful? Sites change as they go along and you may easily find that your categories are out of date. Perhaps it's time to have a good look at them Navigate to Posts >> … [Read more...]

Managing your Site as a Group

Is your site managed by a Group? This can be done very successfully as long as everyone in the group understands their roles, and follows the same formatting in posts. Group Roles Each group has its own agenda of course, and mission statement. The group also needs a plan for the website. When … [Read more...]

Sorting your Content Effectively

Another Refresher on Categories and Tags Categories and tags are the biggest stumbling blocks for WordPress users. Not just for the beginners either. Categories Categories are the Primary way to organise your posts. Their purpose is To help your readers find related content To make … [Read more...]