What I do for you

I specialise in making your life on the web drop-dead easy. I set you up in your website home and I never go away. I’m there whenever you need me. I’ll be in your corner ready to help you, advise you and keep you up to date on changes to the web.

Getting Started

After consultations with you, or your group, I organise your domain name, set up your hosting and install a platform for a self-managed website for which you need no knowledge of web coding.


I provide you with the training – approx 2 hours is all the average newcomer to the web needs to start. Training is then continued in 2 – 3 hour sessions for a few weeks – when you feel really comfortable.

Your training is initially face to face (preferable but not necessary) and constantly followed up via video tutorials, phone calls, web conferencing and other ways that suit you. I’m happy to keep giving you lessons till you’re really comfortable. Some people like weeks of training, that’s fine with me too! I never go away, you have lifelong support when you’re with me.

Your Web Presence

Not only do I launch you online, I work with you to develop your unique brand and create your successful and recognised web presence. Your web presence isn’t just about a lively website, it’s about shrewd use of Social Media too. And that’s all part of my package.

What People say

Susanna made the process of setting up a website anxiety free, taking care of every detail, until I was confident to go it alone.
Janet Bolitho – Port Places