Introducing Smooth Stuff

me-smooth-idea-3Smooth Stuff is a 100% greed-free small business based in Melbourne, Australia.

My name is Susanna Duffy and I’ve been getting people online since 1999.

I thrive on webwork, am totally motivated to the best of the web and completely dedicated to my clients. I’m a Virtual Personal Assistant and I supply your hassle-free website. And I mean totally hassle-free.

I’m a Senior and I specialise in training other Seniors to enjoy, and benefit from, the wonderful world of the web.

It’s not just Seniors I launch on the web, I’ve had tremendous fun working with young musicians, setting up their websites so they can advertise themselves and sell their productions.

It doesn’t matter what you do, the bottom line is that you need a website. I’m here to give it to you. With all the training you’ll ever need.

Have a chat with me over a cuppa and within 24 hours we’ll have a working website that you will easily learn to manage yourself, and you’ll then build up in the way you choose – no worries.

Susanna made the process of setting up a website anxiety free, taking care of every detail, until I was confident to go it alone.
Janet Bolitho – Port Places

If you’re just passing by looking for tutorials on WordPress or general Web Feng Shui, this is a membership only site, but you can view basic material in content for beginners

Here’s how you get in touch with me