Add a Subscription Box to your Site

Offer an Email Subscription service on your site with FeedBurner.

If you have a Google account this is really easy. FeedBurner, a Google service, uses your feed to send an update when you make new post(s). I like the detailed statistics and I bet you will too.

I’ll set up a Subscription on a new site, so follow along with the screenshots and you’ll see how simple it is.

1. Go to FeedBurner

Go to FeedBurner,

Write the name of your site in the box provided. Don’t concern yourself with anything else for the moment, just write the name of your site.


Here’s the new site I’m adding to FeedBurner


2. Click the Next button

You’ll be asked what feed you want. I don’t want the Comments feed.

3. The feed is created!


4. Manage your feed

There are a few more things you could do here but let’s skip directly to managing your feed


Keep going (you may have to click Next a couple of times) until you get to
the page with ‘Analyze -Optimize – Publicize – Troubleshootize’. You want Publicize


5. Email Subscriptions

There are a few choices here but you want Email Subscriptions (no matter how enticing Chicklet Chooser sounds)


There’s a button to activate your feed


6. Choose your Link

I prefer a simple link instead of a sign-up box. It takes up less room and looks friendlier


7. Put the Link on your Site

Copy that link so that you can post it on your site. I’m going to put this one in a Text Widget on the Sidebar.

Navigate to Widgets and drag a Text Widget up to a spot of your choosing. Paste in the link.


Save, Close and View Site

Here’s the Subscription in a Box on the Sidebar Widget


Sign up to your own feed. Experience what your visitors will see.