Adding PDF to a sidebar

It’s really simple, as you know, to add a .pdf to your site.

Usually it’s added into a post/page and, using the Add Media button, the pdf is added to that post/page.

You can put the whole post/page complete with the pdf in your sidebar or just use the pdf itself. Let’s put a .pdf in a Text widget.

Upload the .pdf to your Media Library


Now edit


Look over to the right. What you want is the FILE URL


Now copy that file url. Drag your mouse along that url, highlighting until you reach the end (hint : it’s going to end in .pdf)

Navigate to Widgets and drag a text widget into your primary sidebar.

Inside that text widget you’re going to paste the url of the .pdf

To show you the next 2 steps I’m using my notepad. Because of the size of my notepad window, the text will display on more than one line. Pay no attention to the size of the lines.

This is the url of the file


To make that file accessible, you have to write some elementary code around it, like this


Note 1. : the words target=”_blank” makes the link open in a new window

Note 2. : Text is written to give that link a name.

Your .pdf is now showing in your sidebar