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Atmosphere Pro Theme uses the Full Width Layout only and will be set by default when the theme is activated.


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Go to Dashboard – Genesis


and follow the configuration


Header Image

You can replace the Site Title with a header image (optional).

Go to Appearance > Customize > Header Image


Images of exactly 600×140 pixels will give the best results. Other sizes will be cropped in the upload process to create an image of the correct size, a messy business.


In order to appear crisp on a retina screen, the header image is double the display size so the 600×140p will display at 300×70p.

Front Page Image


This theme comes pre-loaded with an image displaying as a background image in the Front Page 1 widget area.

To change that image, go to Appearance > Customize > Front Page Image.

The Front page image is 1600p X 1050p

To set an alternate image in this area click ‘Change Image’ button underneath the image. A popup will display allowing you to upload the image from your computer’s file navigation tool, or from your Media Library.


You can also remove the image by clicking the ‘Remove’ button. N.B. If you choose ‘Remove’, the option for an image here is also removed. Don’t panic if you don’t have an image that’s exactly 1600p X 1050p, the theme is responsive and can crop, shrink or grow as needed.



There are two menus. Create one or use a menu you already have. Then scroll down past the menu to Menu Settings and choose to use the menu for the Header (up the top of your site) or for the Footer, (down the bottom of your site).


When viewing your site on devices with smaller widths, a “hamburger” icon button is automatically available to open the menu.

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