Responsive Themes

It's been a while since I was asked about Responsive Themes but a question came in recently. The question was about 'mobile-friendly' but the answer is about 'responsive'. And it's an important question with the answer not just about mobile phones. "I'm trying to work out what makes a theme … [Read more...]

Contact Forms

The reason we have Contact forms on a website is to cut down the flow of spam into our email program. Of late it's a toss-up as to which gets the most spam, your email, or your contact forms. Let's go over those Contact forms again. Content in Contact Forms Someone writes into your Contact … [Read more...]


What you need to know HTTP and HTTPS : What is it? HTTP stands for 'hypertext transfer protocol'. It’s a protocol (the official procedure / system of rules) which allows communication between different systems. It's used for transferring data from a web server to a browser to view web pages. … [Read more...]

Atmosphere Pro – 5

Front Page 4 Widget Area The Front Page 4 Widget Area uses five (5) Text widgets to display tiny bits of text. First Text Widget Another text widget that works as a heading. It doesn't use any paragraph text. Second Text Widget From now on, the rest of the text widgets don't use the … [Read more...]

Atmosphere Pro – 4

Front Page 3 Widget Area The Front Page 3 widget area uses three (3) Genesis – Featured Page widgets to display an excerpt and a featured image. Open up the Front Page 3 area and drag 3 Genesis Featured Pages over. First Genesis Featured Page This is more or less the configuration in … [Read more...]

Atmosphere Pro – 3

Widgets Front Page 2 The demo shows 7 text widgets Go to the widget area and open up Front Page 2. Drag 7 text widgets across and drop them in. (I found it easier to add these widgets one at a time) First Text Widget Title: The title serves as a heading for this widget area. Content: … [Read more...]

Atmosphere Pro – 2

Widgets - Front Page 1 Dashboard - Appearance - Widgets Front Page 1 The Front Page 1 widget area uses one (1) Text widget to display text and a button that, when clicked, allows the page to scroll down to the Front Page 2 widget area. Here's the widget area. I've already filled out a text … [Read more...]

Atmosphere Pro -1

Atmosphere Pro Theme uses the Full Width Layout only and will be set by default when the theme is activated. Content Archives Go to Dashboard - Genesis and follow the configuration Header Image You can replace the Site Title with a header image (optional). Go to Appearance > … [Read more...]

Highlight a Menu Item

If you’d like to add a thin border to a menu item, you’ll first need to enable the CSS Classes field for menu items. In the customizer, click the gear icon to reveal the advanced menu properties which can be configured. Check the CSS Classes box. Save. Go to your menu and choose … [Read more...]

How to Change Themes

Changing themes is just a simple mouse click Well, yes it is, but there's a lot to do once your theme is activated and lots to do before you change the theme. Before you change your theme 1. Have things ready. What is going where into what area? Note down what will be displayed, and how, … [Read more...]

Altitude Pro Layout Options

Altitude Pro and similar parallax themes have all layouts set to the front page. To make your Pages and Posts show the sidebar, you must choose that option when you create the Page or Post. Scroll down underneath your Page or Post. Keep going until you see - The layout is set to the … [Read more...]

The Cookie Law

In May 2011, a European Union (EU) Directive was adopted by all EU member countries to protect consumer privacy online. This piece of privacy legislation requires that covered websites: Let users know if they are using cookies Explain what data is gathered through the use of cookies and how … [Read more...]

Modern Studio Pro

The Modern Studio Pro theme uses the Content > Sidebar option for all site pages except the home page. This default page layout will be set by default when the Modern Studio Pro Theme is activated. Go to Dashboard > Genesis > Theme Settings An alternative Default Layout can be selected from … [Read more...]

Fred Hollows

Fred Hollows, 1929 - 1993, was an inspiring man. A passionate man. An ophthalmologist at a prestigious Sydney hospital, he helped set up the first Aboriginal Medical Service and launched a national programme to combat eye disease in Aboriginal Australians. By the 1980s, Fred had extended his … [Read more...]

The Confusion about Categories and tags

There's one area which always causes confusion in WordPress users, both experienced and new. Categories and Tags No matter how carefully you plan your tags and category taxonomies (terms) at the beginning of your project, they quickly degenerate and become a complete mess. So, like it or not, … [Read more...]