Public Service Announcement on Spam

Is comment spam one of the things that gets you down? Are you taking it personally? Don't take comment spam personally, it's just spam. "I seem to spend all my time deleting comment spam and it just keeps coming back.” Mark comment spam as spam to help Akismet do its job. If you delete comment … [Read more...]

Turn Off Comments on Existing Posts

If you don't want comments on your posts, turn off the ability for people to make them. You can do this on individual posts but this is where the wonderful Quick Edit function shines again. (If you do want comments on your Posts - follow the same steps but turn the comments on) Go to All … [Read more...]

Changing your User Name

Wordfence will inform you of hackers trying to login and it's almost amusing that 90% of the attempts try with the Username 'admin'. No one in their right mind would use 'admin', the default WordPress username which, of course, should be changed as the site is being installed. Recently I … [Read more...]

Stay Safe from Hackers, Bots and Zombies

It doesn't matter if your site is big or small, conspicuous or obscure, there's always someone trying to hack it. These people will use bots to find your login pages and use a brute force tactic to gain access into your site admin area. Brute force means they will try multiple times at the most … [Read more...]

What you MUST know about Comment Spam

You're used to seeing email spam and you can recognise it instantly, but comment spam is a different kettle of fish. And a very smelly kettle too. Look at the URL. Don't click on the URL, just look at it. If you can't see it, hover your mouse over it. Commercial company? Selling … [Read more...]