Changing your User Name

Wordfence will inform you of hackers trying to login and it’s almost amusing that 90% of the attempts try with the Username ‘admin’. No one in their right mind would use ‘admin’, the default WordPress username which, of course, should be changed as the site is being installed.

Recently I discovered a hacker attempt had managed to obtain one of the Usernames on a WordPress installation. This is rare (fortunately) but it DID happen. OK, so they hadn’t cracked the password, but a brute force attack will keep hitting with a software programme to get the password.

If this happens, the best defence is to change the Username.

But wait, you can’t change your Username. No, you can’t, but you can create a new User.

How to Create a New User for yourself

First you need another email address than the one that your current Username has.

  • Go to Dashboard >> Users >> Add New.
  • Create a new User – as Administrator. (Making sure you use an alternative email).
  • Then log out.
  • Login as that new User. Delete your original User.

When you delete your former Username (or indeed any User) you will be asked if you want to delete all content from that User or if you want to assign the content to someone else. Assign the content to your new Username

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