Contact Forms

The reason we have Contact forms on a website is to cut down the flow of spam into our email program. Of late it’s a toss-up as to which gets the most spam, your email, or your contact forms.

Let’s go over those Contact forms again.

Content in Contact Forms

Someone writes into your Contact form, they click on the Send Button and an email is sent to you. This process hides your email address from the person who sends the message.

When you receive a comment or query from your Contact form, the email is clearly labelled as coming from your website

Have a look at that message again. Clearly labelled.

Let’s imagine that you really do have an Auntie Tantine and that, in this case, the content of the Contact form is genuine. Now you want to reply to her.

What do you do?

Do you hit the ‘Reply’ button in your email program? No.

Why not? Because your reply will go to the address the email came from – have a look at the address in the Contact form, it’s “” not the address of Auntie Tantine. You have to copy the address that your Sender has given. The example above is”

If you hit the reply button instead of using the email address you’ve been given in the Contact form, you’re sending the email to yourself.

Spam in Contact Forms

The spam sent in Contact forms is beyond a joke, sometimes you receive more via those forms that you get in your regular email program inbox.

You open an email sent via your Contact form and you immediately see that it contains spam.

Do you send it to your Spam Folder? No

Why not? Because the email is from your own website. By sending it to the Spam Folder, by marking it as spam, you are labelling your own website as sending spam.

Next thing, your website is marked as a spam factory and you will be blacklisted.

This means that email services which are attached to your domain name will be affected. You will have a “poor reputation”. You can find your site removed from Google results. And not just your site but others on the same Server.

Please be careful with Contact forms.