Cross Examine your Categories

Questions :

How old is your site?
Are you still using the same categories you started with?
Are your categories still useful?

find your categoriesSites change as they go along and you may easily find that your categories are out of date. Perhaps it’s time to have a good look at them

Navigate to Posts >> Categories and see how many posts they have in them

Each category shows the number of posts beside it. Is there a category that looks overloaded? is there a category with only one or two posts?

If there are a lot of posts in one category, click on that number to see all of those posts. When you click the number, you will be taken to a page with them all showing.


Granny has 33 posts in one category, compared to other categories that’s a lot. What she could do, is make some child categories.

Child categories

When she makes a new category, notice the ‘Parent” dropdown


Clicking on the Parent menu brings up all the categories. She can now choose which category to be the ‘parent’.

Beware Uncategorised Posts!

Always check here to make sure that all of your posts are categorised! It’s not just about forgetting to consign posts to a category in the first place, it’s also about creating a meaningless category such as “Blog”, “All Posts” or similar. If you’ve fallen into this habit, then your posts are also uncategorised. Consign your posts to a category that makes sense to the Reader.

Do your categories make sense?

Sometimes a site will fly off in a new direction, it’s easy not to notice that’s it’s taken a different path than the one you’d originally planned.

Take 15 minutes and think about your categories. That 15 minutes could save you hours further down the track.