Five Star Quality About Page

It’s easy to overlook your About page.

Your About page isn’t an afterthought to your main content, it’s the connection between you and your visitor. It’s important. Profoundly important.

Before you write up this page, get your thoughts together on who you are, what you do and what benefit you’re giving to the visitor.

Your About page is not your bio

You don’t need a lengthy bio (possibly not even a short bio), what you need is a page which tells the visitor precisely what they’re going to get from your site. You can certainly tell readers of your expertise, of your history and experience of your subject but keep in mind that your website is not an autobiography.

What makes your site different from all the other sites?

  • What makes you different from all the others?
  • What do you do on your site? Provide services or recommend products? OR What information do you give out? Tell the visitor what your site is about
  • Who will benefit from your site? What benefits will they get?
  • Why are you knowledgeable in this area?
  • Where are you and do you dispense information/sell either locally or worldwide?
  • What do people need that makes them search for your information, your product or your service?
  • What do they search for?

People view your About page to find out just who is talking to them.

They have to know what to expect and how your information can benefit them. Include a photo – prove that you’re human.

If your site is run by a team, describe what your site is about and include photos of team members with a couple of lines about their expertise and their passion.

A five star quality About page will reassure visitors that they’re in the right place.

Don’t forget a call-to-action

What would you like web visitors to do next? Include a sign up form to your newsletter or links to your service pages. Don’t expect your visitors to guess what to do next. Take them by the hand and guide them. Just take them somewhere.