Genesis – User Profile

You access your User Profile from the Dashboard under Users and/or by clicking on your name link at the top of the WordPress screen. This is where you specify how your name will be displayed. You can use your login name or create a nickname. The User profile also has your e-mail address (for administrative purposes). All of the other personal information asked for here is optional.

The User Profile in Genesis displays your Gravatar as well as a link.

For Sites with Single Authors

First find your User Profile


Have a quick look at my User Profile over there in the Sidebar. Depending on your device, you may have to scroll back up this post a little. That’s the Genesis-User Profile Widget.


In my widget, I’m not displaying my Gravatar, there are enough photos of me (and wearing makeup too) on the site already. All that I’ve written into my User Profile is ‘Who is Susanna Duffy’.


The widget gives me a choice

Choose your extended “About Me” page from the list below. This will be the page linked to at the end of the about me section

You’re then given the choice of linking to another page

Experiment to see what you like best.