Got Questions?

Everything in three sentences

  • You want a website.
  • I’ll set it up from scratch.
  • I’ll teach you how to do everything yourself.

I dont have a website but I have an idea

Talk to me about your idea.

I’ll talk about web trends, about what’s feasible, and about the practicality of your proposed site. If we both agree to you using my services, then we’ll turn your idea into a website with everything you need.

If you don’t have a domain name, I’ll arrange that too.

What about a Domain Name?

You don’t have a domain name? No worries. I can arrange a domain name for you from a reliable Registrar.

If you already have a domain name, you’re halfway to having a website. All you do is tell me where that domain is registered and we’ll go from there.

* Please note – I do not deal with Crazy Domains.

I have an existing site but it’s old and tired

So let’s freshen it up!

Whatever format your existing site is in, it can be transferred into a WordPress framework. I’ll move it and then train you to manage your site yourself.

Can I manage my website myself?

Yes, you certainly can.

I work with WordPress, the ingenious and infinitely adaptable framework which offers the easiest of site creation tools. I call it the crown jewel of the content management systems.

I’ll teach you how to use it. It doesn’t take long.

Is WordPress easy to use?

WordPress is easy to use, flexible and robust enough for just about anything. Anything.

Some of the brands using WordPress are Sony, Time Magazine, Disney, eBay and Google.

Is WordPress easy to learn?

If you can manage the basic office applications on a PC or Mac then you already have the necessary skills to manage your site.

Can you compose, and send, an email? Then you can easily learn WordPress.

We are a group, can you work with us?

Of course! I work with a number of community organisations, and also with for-profit groups.

Once your website is set up, I will teach one person to be the Administrator, and teach another to add content to the site.

What is a Web Concierge?

A Web Concierge is an expert who provides clients with higher levels of personalised one-on-one assistance.

You can count on your Concierge to:

  • Give you advice and guidance on how to accomplish your web presence goals
  • Give you personal training on how to accomplish key web presence goals
  • Know common website and design applications with WordPress and more
  • Provide routine site maintenance
  • Be able to troubleshoot common problems
  • Provide a one-on-one service and technical support

Should an issue require escalation, as your Concierge I will personally oversee its resolution

What does all this cost?

All prices are in Australian dollars

I charge you between $1,500 – $3,000 for

  • the website setup (either new site or transfer of existing site) and 12 months hosting
  • all training (basic, intermediate and ongoing training)
  • dedicated support
  • 12 months concierge

At the end of the 12 months, there is an annual fee of $650 – $1000 for hosting, support and concierge. You can pay annually or monthly.

The difference in payments relates to the complexity of your site.

Restrictions – email and video

Yes, there are restrictions.
Firstly, I choose not to host hate sites. I offer no support in any way.


I’d rather not host a video you’ve created. It will be huge (they’re always huge) and will slow your site right down as well as using up lots of space. Open an account with YouTube, then upload your videos to your YouTube account. Now, you can embed videos in your site. Simple.

Email Courtesy Service

I do not provide an email service

You can have one or two email addresses for specific purposes (examples -enquiries@yourdomain, yourname@yourdomain) but I do NOT operate a full service.

This is a courtesy service only with your emails forwarded to an account of your choice.