How to Change Themes

Changing themes is just a simple mouse click

Well, yes it is, but there’s a lot to do once your theme is activated and lots to do before you change the theme.

Before you change your theme

1. Have things ready. What is going where into what area? Note down what will be displayed, and how, on your new themes.

2. From your dashboard, go to Appearance – Widgets and take a screenshot of the widgets. Keep that screenshot in a folder somehwre so that you can refer to if you ever wish to revert.

2. Still in the widget area, drag all of your widgets down to (or across to) the Inactive Widgets section. You will be re-using some of these widgets in the new theme.


Your current widgets are now retired and your widget area should be totally clear.

Time to activate the new theme

From your dashboard go to Appearance -Themes


and choose the theme you want. An ‘activate’ button will appear when you hover.