Introduction to the Dashboard

Just starting out on WordPress?

OK, you’ve got your user credentials and you’ve logged in.

You will arrive at the Dashboard and this is what you’ll see


You’re going to be concentrating on that left hand side so let’s just crop the right hand column from the image and take a closer look at what you will be working with. (I’ve also cropped the image so that you’re only seeing the top bit of it)


Write a Post

Hover your Mouse over Posts in the left hand column. Or click on the link to Posts. This is what you’ll see


Click on the Add New

The window for your work area will open up and you will be presented with a simple Text Editor to write your post


So write a title and then write your first post.

Click Publish



Now, the essential art of using WordPress. Everything is filed, sorted and classified into Categories

You must categorise each and every post.

Make a Category

Go back to your dashboard and hover your mouse over, or click on, the Posts again. Choose Categories.


Let’s look at that Categories page more closely


Create your first Category. Go on, it won’t bite you

Return to that Post you wrote earlier.

WARNING : Don’t ever use the back button in a WordPress, always go to your dashboard
If you ever feel lost in your WordPress, go straight to your Dashboard

As the site I’m using to show these screenshots actually has no categories yet, I’ll show the categories that I have in my site here


Choose your Category by ticking the appropriate box

Now,  publish your post again

Congratulations. You’ve made your first post.

I have a video tutorial for categories

Let’s look a little more closely at the Text Editor