Layout for Genesis Associate Theme 1

One of the most popular Child themes for Genesis is the Associate theme. It’s not just the complete ease of using this theme that makes it popular, it’s the ability to use different styles to get the look that you want.

Navigate to your Widgets page and look at your options


You don’t have to use ALL of these places to drop your widgets, let’s take a look at one layout – Canny Granny

Granny is showing six categories on her opening page, plus the category she uses to display posts in the Slider

  • Granny is using the Genesis slider in her Featured widget
  • the Genesis Featured Posts in her Home Middle #1, #2 and #3 and
  • the Genesis Featured Post widget in Footer 1, Footer 2 and Footer 3

Have a look at her site again – it’s probably easier for you to keep it open in another window.

The Genesis Slider widget is in the Featured slot


Want a closer look at those Featured Posts in her Home Middle widgets?

Here’s one widget, the one to the left with a link at the bottom of the widget to ‘More Frugal Tips


Starting at the left and moving down vertically, you can see that

  • She has no Title for that widget (widget titles are not clickable)
  • The Category chosen is ‘Frugal Granny’
  • She shows 2 posts from that category, and they’re ordered by date
  • The Author Gravatar is not enabled
  • The Featured Image is enabled, in the thumbnail size and aligned left

Now look at the right and move down vertically

  • The Post Title is enabled (post titles are clickable)
  • She ignores the Post info but chooses the Show Content Limit (you can toggle that dropdown box) and the Content limit is set at 100 characters. The number of characters you choose depends on how you want the site to look. Experiment with character limits. Granny prefers that character limit of 100
  • The ‘More Text (if applicable)’ is “Read More”. You change the text in there if you prefer something else and you can keep the text inside the brackets or remove the brackets
  • The Category Archive Link is enabled. Granny likes that text to read ‘More Frugal Tips’ instead of the actual name of the category

Granny doesn’t use the Home Bottom #1 or the Home Bottom #2 – she goes straight to the Footers.

The Footer widgets are configured in just the same way as the Home Middle widgets. Down here, Granny chooses to display one post from each category instead of two.


Give it a go on your site. If you don’t like the end result, you can always change to another layout.

P.S You can see another layout style in Layout for Genesis Associate Theme 2 and how to configure it