Layout for News Pro

The News Pro child theme is, so far, the friendliest mobile-responsive theme I’ve found.

Once again, the Home page is run entirely by widgets and, once again, there are a number of ways to display those widgets. Let’s look at a couple of layouts.

The Widgets


Example oneCat Gossip. Have a look at that site, the link opens in a new tab (or window) so you won’t lose your place here.

Vladimir is using Genesis Featured Post Widgets in these widget place holders shown in the screenshot


Home Top widget

In the Home Top widget, there’s a Genesis Featured Post widget


Look at the image layout in this Featured Post widget


Gasp! The image is set to 740 X 400! You know perfectly well that your post can’t display any image that’s wider than 600p and here’s a widget wanting to display 740p. What you do here is use, not Add Media to a post, but ‘Set Featured Image‘. Have a look down your right hand column, underneath Categories, underneath Tags, and you’ll find the Set Featured Image.


Click on that and upload your 740X400 image. It won’t show in the post, it will display on the Home Page.

Home Middle Left

In the Home Middle Left, the Featured Post widget shows one category and three posts.


Note the size of the image selected – thumbnail (150X150) and it’s aligned left. There’s a different Content Type too. This Featured Post widget is set to ‘Show Content Limit’ and the limit is set to 50 characters

Home Middle Right

Set exactly the same as Home Middle Left (except for a different category)

Home Bottom

The Set Content Limit in this Featured Post widget is 150 characters.


So far, Vladimir is using 3 categories. One each for Home Middle Left, Home Middle Right and Home Button.

In the Home Top, if you look again at the Featured Post, you’ll see that it’s set to All Categories, so any post which you make, in any category, will show up in that Home Top.

You’ll also appreciate here the virtue of not having posts placed in more than one category!

Footer Widgets

You don’t have to use the Footer widgets, the Home Page sits nicely even without them. Vladimir is using 6 Featured Post widgets in 6 other categories, different categories, to display in those footers.


Every Featured Post widget is set the same. The only thing different is the categories. Note the image size and alignment.


So Vladimir has 9 categories. If you have less than 9, you don’t need to use the Footers.