Layout for Serenity

To start out with the Serenity theme, we’ll use a straightforward layout, nothing too fancy. As with all themes, get to know it first before you try anything complicated.

Set your Reading

Are you running your site with a static page as the opening (home) page? Serenity uses a special home.php template to show the home widgets areas so make sure the static page is turned off and your site is set to “your latest posts”. Navigate to Settings -> Reading and adjust your settings.

Set your Slider

Choose a tag to use for the slider. You need a tag that’s for the exclusive use of the slider. I use the tag ‘slider’, it’s easy. So, for each image that you want to show in the slider, tag the post with ‘slider’.

In this theme, you need to configure 900 by 300 for the slider images settings. Configure the slider by following this screenshot.



Set your widgets

Here’s your widget area, for this basic setup, follow the guide in these screenshots.


Drag the Slider widget over into the space reserved for it

Featured Post Widgets

Remember how to Configure the Featured Post widget? and how to Use the Featured Post widget?

We’ll now configure a Featured Post widget for this layout.

Go to Featured Bottom and set up your featured post widget


Footers – Choose what you want for your Footers.

Primary Sidebar – Choose what you want for your Primary Sidebar