Links built into WordPress

Update on WordPress Links – January 2015

This update is necessary as WordPress changed the Link facility – it’s no longer a “blogroll” but a plugin that has to be added to the site. Thank goodness we’ve lost that strange term “blogroll”, why it was labelled like that in the first place seems pretty silly to me.

Let’s start by looking at the Links link (sorry, but that’s what it’s called) in your dashboard


When it’s opened you see a choice of

  • All Links
  • Add New
  • Link Categories

Watch The Video – Add a Link, Add a Link Category

Once you add your Link make sure that you direct that Link OUT. When visitors click on a Link which is directed OUT, their device will open a new window or tab.

If you don’t direct your Link OUT, then the link opens in the same window or tab and your site is closed. The only way for the visitor to return is via the Back Button.

Directing the Link OUT makes sure that a visitor hasn’t left your site.

Put your Links in a Widget

Links usually go in a sidebar, although you may prefer a bottom widget for them. Your choice.

You can use the Links Widget as many times as you like.

Want more links or link categories? Rinse and repeat

Want to know how to make a link inside a WordPress Post or Page?