Make the Holiday Season work for you

The end of year holiday season is the time to sell things. To sell products or sell yourself. So you’re not running an online store? You still have items of value, remind your Readers of them.

You may think it’s rude to start bombarding your Readers with Xmas suggestions. Some department stores have started doing it and if I hear Bing Crosby singing White Christmas while I shop for cat food once more, I swear I’ll find the speakers and rip them out of the walls with my bare hands. But you don’t have to enrage your Readers, just get your Seasonal ideas ready now and make a Page for those ideas.

You can make your Page (not a post) but don’t add it to your Menu right away. Then add that Page to your Menu in the last week of October or the first couple of days in November. The Page can be easily removed from your Menu later.

If you sell books or other physical items, make a Page (remember, not a post) about a couple of them with an emphasis on gift ideas. Is it possible for you to offer a small discount for the Season? How about wrapping the items in gift paper?

If you’re informing your Readers of the natural beauty and other attractions of your local area, suggest a spot for a visit. This could be ‘Holiday Excursions’ or similar, along the lines of ‘Over the holidays take your Aunt Molly for a lovely afternoon out”.

If you’re distributing financial advice, this is an excellent time to remind your Readers of the dangers of overspending, of getting their budget in order.

If you write informational posts and tutorials, for example on photography, give tips on how to take the best photos of family celebrations, outdoor celebrations.

If you deal with charitable organisations, volunteer work or similar, surely the Xmas Season is the time to spur your Readers to give.

If you write a personal journal, this is a good time to recount some of your experiences with Xmas in the past. Why not a plea to bring back the spirit of good will to all?

I’m sure you can think of lots more ideas to take advantage of the Season

P.S Forgotten how to use your Menu? Here’s a refresher