News Pro step by step

Let’s go through the News Pro layout one step at a time.

To make a ‘Welcome’ type post which features on the top of your Home Page, follow these steps,

First, make a Category and Set Featured Image

First make a Category for the post that you want to display. Example, a category called ‘Welcome’. Now go and edit the post that you want to display on the top of your Home Page.

Change the Category to ‘Welcome’.

Now, set your FEATURED IMAGE from that post page. To find the spot where you set the featured image, scroll down past the Categories, tags and whatever else you have in that sidebar in your edit post mode.

Down at the bottom you’ll see where to set your image. Hopefully you have an image that’s 740 X 400. If not, don’t fret about it. A good image about 600 X 400 or 650 X 450 or thereabouts will display quite well.

Set Featured Image

Set Featured Image

Step One

Once you’ve placed that post into its own category, and you have the featured image set, navigate to your widgets

Dashboard >> Appearance >> Widgets

You want the widget HOME – TOP

NewsPro Layout - step one

NewsPro Layout – step one

Step Two

Drag a Featured Post Widget over to Home-Top and drop it in there.

News Pro layout step two

NewsPro layout – step two

Step Three

Open the Featured Post Widget and choose the category to display. Also choose to Show Post Title and then set the Content Limit

NewsPro layout step-3

NewsPro layout – step three

Step Four

Further down in that Featured Post Widget, choose to Show the Featured Image. This is the 740 by 400.

NewsPro layout - step four

NewsPro layout – step four

Don’t forget to Save!

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve forgotten to Save.

Watch the Video

Now you’re ready to configure the next widgets NewsPro layout Step two