Public Service Announcement on Spam

Is comment spam one of the things that gets you down? Are you taking it personally? Don’t take comment spam personally, it’s just spam.

“I seem to spend all my time deleting comment spam and it just keeps coming back.”

Mark comment spam as spam to help Akismet do its job. If you delete comment spam, you make matters worse, so let me make myself clear.

Don’t delete comment spam. Mark comment spam as spam, then empty your spam folder

Akismet works if we all work together. It’s a crowd sourced project. I mark a comment as spam and the data is transferred to Akismet’s database. You mark a similar comment as spam and Akismet begins to do the work of processing the data and filtering out comments across everyone using Akismet, thus, you don’t get the comment spam that other people marked as spam and I don’t get the comment spam you marked as spam. These comments are sent by Akismet to the Spam Folder straight away. AS I said, it’s crowd sourced.

Akismet uses a powerful process of collecting comment spam data from every Akismet user and collating it into prevention filters. Take advantage of the process and help Akismet do its job.

Consider this a public service announcement. If we all work together, we can make the world a happier place to blog.

Want to see some stats from Akismet? Have a look at the Akismet monthly roundup