Save your Content

You should export your content on a regular basis.

It takes only minutes, adds just a tiny file to your hard drive and gives you a nice warm feeling.

Here’s how you do it.

Read the Instructions

Navigate down to Tools


Choose ‘Export’

The Export page opens to give you the ability to download your work


Save it to your computer – where you can find it again. You can also save it to a storage place in the cloud.

Watch the Video

This file that you’ve exported and saved to your hard drive and/or dropbox and/or other online services, is for use when you have to build your website again. Who knows what may happen in the future? If, by some horrible stroke of misfortune, you lose your WordPress installation you can always start again.

Please note : The export/import facility doesn’t really save your images. Hopefully you will have a backup of those in another place. I recommend Dropbox as the simplest way to save and store images, especially if you’re a beginner.