Start a Survey

Have you ever thought of a Survey of your Readers?

You could use this to help you plan your site or to plan a campaign that you’re thinking about.

Surveys aren’t accurate of course, people will lie, so it’s not the best solution for serious research but if visitors have a chance to tell you what they might like to see on your site, even a handful of responses is helpful.

Instead of downloading a survey programme into your hard drive, there are a number of good online software options. The most popular is Survey Monkey

It’s easy to sign up to Survey Monkey especially if you have a Google account and you should have a Google account. You might not want to use gmail, you don’t use it that’s fine, but a Google account is pretty much a web passport.

You could use a survey on your Facebook page as well as your site.

The free version of Survey Monkey is enough for anyone. Have a look how it works