Starting with Pinterest

You know what Pinterest is – It’s a social media site where you create visual boards (think old fashioned cork boards) and virtually pin photos of the things you like, things you wish you had wish you had, etc.

Before you groan about yet another social media site, let’s put it this way.

Pinterest is a content sharing and content curation site. It uses images in the form of URLs or “Pins” from different websites to share content that people like. Just as Facebook has its ‘share’ and Twitter has a ‘retweet’, on Pinterest we have “RePins” which can take your shared content to the next level.

It’s like a big fat directory with different listings or themes.

When Pinterest first started I stuck my toe into the water and then walked away. However, recently I looked again and was taken aback by the changes to the User interface and, more importantly, by the traffic generated from one simple posting of a pretty picture.

So I’m going through my old pins and giving them a good clean-up. One thing I really like about Pinterest is the chance to show and share different aspects of my interests. Of my personality.

This is a small section of my Vikings Pinterest Board

Viking Pins on Pinterest

Viking Pins on Pinterest

You may choose to concentrate on your field of expertise such as a local area, historical buildings, beautiful bayside beaches, esoterica, dance, or scale model racing cars. Why not work on that for now?

Go to and join. Let me know when you’ve joined and I’ll take it from there. I’m itching to start a board called ‘Marvelous Melbourne’ so I’ll be looking for images to repin. And that’s just the start.