Starting with WordPress Make a Link in a Post

I want to make a link ..

I want to make a link to the site Canny Granny. How can I do that?

1. First I write the name of the link Canny Granny in my post


and I highlight it

See how the Link icon appears in the list of icons above the text editor?


2. I hit that Link icon

A window opens,  it’s all straightforward – you’re even reminded that the link needs to be the full url – it needs the http:// in front of it.


3. So, now we can fill out those fields



Because I am linking to another website – the link is going out, I want the link to open in a New Window. Once I’ve filled out the fields, I hit ‘Add Link

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Make a Link to a Post in your OWN site

Now I want to make a link to a post that’s already in my site. I want to make a link to a post about the Emperor Commodus.


We do this in exactly the same way, first we highlight the word we want to make the link


We hit that link icon and the Link Editor appears. We don’t write the name or the url because we’re going to link to existing content.


I’m going to choose the link for Commodus – Born in the Purple

When I hit that link, the fields fill in by themselves


Of course when you’re making a link to existing content, it’s in your own site and you don’t want the link to go out.