Atmosphere Pro – 5

Front Page 4 Widget Area The Front Page 4 Widget Area uses five (5) Text widgets to display tiny bits of text. First Text Widget Another text widget that works as a heading. It doesn't use any paragraph text. Second Text Widget From now on, the rest of the text widgets don't use the … [Read more...]

Atmosphere Pro – 4

Front Page 3 Widget Area The Front Page 3 widget area uses three (3) Genesis – Featured Page widgets to display an excerpt and a featured image. Open up the Front Page 3 area and drag 3 Genesis Featured Pages over. First Genesis Featured Page This is more or less the configuration in … [Read more...]

Atmosphere Pro – 3

Widgets Front Page 2 The demo shows 7 text widgets Go to the widget area and open up Front Page 2. Drag 7 text widgets across and drop them in. (I found it easier to add these widgets one at a time) First Text Widget Title: The title serves as a heading for this widget area. Content: … [Read more...]

Atmosphere Pro – 2

Widgets - Front Page 1 Dashboard - Appearance - Widgets Front Page 1 The Front Page 1 widget area uses one (1) Text widget to display text and a button that, when clicked, allows the page to scroll down to the Front Page 2 widget area. Here's the widget area. I've already filled out a text … [Read more...]

Atmosphere Pro -1

Atmosphere Pro Theme uses the Full Width Layout only and will be set by default when the theme is activated. Content Archives Go to Dashboard - Genesis and follow the configuration Header Image You can replace the Site Title with a header image (optional). Go to Appearance > … [Read more...]