Draft, Preview and Publish

To write a post, or to edit a post, first open your dashboard. The left hand side of the dashboard shows all the tools and functions of your site. Here's a half-shot of your dashboard zooming in on what's on the left column To write a new post, click on POSTS and choose ADD NEW This … [Read more...]

Edit a Post Title and Permalink

It's easy to make a mistake in posts, either in the content or in the title itself. When you edit the title of a post, you also have to edit the title in the permalink … [Read more...]

Basics of Navigation

A couple of simple questions. How are your readers going to get around on your site? How do they navigate their way through a pile of posts? Another simple question. When you go to a site, how do you find what you're looking for? These questions are indeed simple but you can't stray from the … [Read more...]

Links – To an Outside Site

You'll want some links in your site. There are internal links, where you link to some other content inside your own site or external links, where you link outside to some other site. Here's how you make a link to an external, or outside, site … [Read more...]

Links built into WordPress

Update on WordPress Links - January 2015 This update is necessary as WordPress changed the Link facility - it's no longer a "blogroll" but a plugin that has to be added to the site. Thank goodness we've lost that strange term "blogroll", why it was labelled like that in the first place seems pretty … [Read more...]