The Image Widget

The Image Widget is a really useful tool for putting an image, with a link, in the sidebar. You could also leave an image without a link if you wanted an image of yourself, a symbol or logo. Small of course. Try widths of 200p, 250p, 300p. The heights will take of themselves with the native … [Read more...]

Text Editor Horizontal Line

You've written a catchy post and you have some pretty images to embellish it. Now you want these images to sit nicely on the post, tucked over there to the left, lined up in a tidy array. It ends up looking like this ..awful! This is the best way to get your fresh fish, alive and jumping in … [Read more...]

Starting with WordPress Add Images

Instructions with Screenshots and Video - updated 7 October, 2014 Read the Instructions Begin a new post Have a look at the Add Media button When you click on the Add Media button, a window will open up. You have a choice of 'Upload Files' or 'Media Library'. Let's upload an … [Read more...]