Highlight a Menu Item

If you’d like to add a thin border to a menu item, you’ll first need to enable the CSS Classes field for menu items. In the customizer, click the gear icon to reveal the advanced menu properties which can be configured. Check the CSS Classes box. Save. Go to your menu and choose … [Read more...]

Home Link for Menu

You need a 'Home' link for your menu so readers can find their way to start without any trouble. See the Video Follow the Instructions If you prefer to follow with screenshots, go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Menus In these screenshots I'm using a menu which I've named "top". I … [Read more...]

Dummy Links for Menu Headings

When you have a Menu which has sub menus under it, you don't want an empty page as a heading What you do is make a dummy link Have a look at these screenshots and then have a look at the video 1. To add items to your Menu, you have 3 choices - Pages - Links - Categories   2. You … [Read more...]

Using your Menu

The WordPress Menu is an easy to use mechanism for introducing customised navigation menus. It's a navigation bar to help your readers get round easily and to find what they want in a jiffy. You can easily create custom menus for sidebars, footers, or any widgetised area. You have two … [Read more...]

The Sidebar

Your sidebar is a valuable piece of real estate. Location, location, location. Question : What do I put on my sidebar? Answer : Valuable stuff (that's a technical WordPress term). All of us are different and all sites are different so there's no cookie cutter idea of 'valuable' but obviously … [Read more...]