Public Service Announcement on Spam

Is comment spam one of the things that gets you down? Are you taking it personally? Don't take comment spam personally, it's just spam. "I seem to spend all my time deleting comment spam and it just keeps coming back.” Mark comment spam as spam to help Akismet do its job. If you delete comment … [Read more...]

What you MUST know about Comment Spam

You're used to seeing email spam and you can recognise it instantly, but comment spam is a different kettle of fish. And a very smelly kettle too. Look at the URL. Don't click on the URL, just look at it. If you can't see it, hover your mouse over it. Commercial company? Selling … [Read more...]

Linkspam can kill you

You all know what linkspam is. Originally it appeared in internet guestbooks, where spammers would repeatedly fill a guestbook with links to their own site and no relevant comment. If an actual comment was given it was often just "cool page", "nice website", or keywords of the spammed link. … [Read more...]