Text Editor Extras

Your WordPress Editor is a handy little tool. You already know that.

I’m sure you’ve found the Toolbar Toggle by now
Toolbar Toggle

It was once called “Kitchen Sink’ which may have been comprehensible for native English speakers but meant very little to anyone using English as a second language. And it was, after all, a toolbar toggle.

Click on it now and see what happens


Have a look at the Question Mark. Keyboard Shortcuts!

To start with, let’s just look at some of the more commonly used. When you’re working in the editor a lot, they can save you a lot of time. (Mac users: Use the Command key instead of the Control key.)

Bold: Control + B
Underline: Control + U
Italic: Control + I

For your Headings nothing could be more simple

Heading 1: Control + 1
Heading 2: Control + 2
Heading 3: Control + 3
Heading 4: Control + 4

Why not have a play around with those before you start checking out the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Make yourself familiar with them and get used to working with them.