The Events Plugin

The Events plugin is a handy way of keeping your readers up to date with your events. You can list your events in WordPress and easily share them with the rest of the world. It gives you the ability to

  • Publish one-off or Recurring events
  • Filter by event category or tag
  • Embed Google Maps

You’ll find the Events in your dashboard


Let’s add an Event

Hover your mouse over ‘Events’ and you’ll see the options.


Choose ‘Add new’ and this window opens


Type in your event. Don’t forget the title!

After you’ve added the name of the event and the time, you can now add the location


Check the ‘Show Google Map’ box. Check this box first, before you begin to add your location

Type the name of the venue and the FULL address of the location e.g 21 Smith St, Fitzroy, Australia. The map will appear


You can now publish that event

Why not write a short description of that event? There’s a regular WordPress post form there for you to use. You can also add an image if you wish.


You then publish that in the same way that you publish any WordPress post, by using the Publish button on the right hand side.


Drag your Events calendar widget over and drop it into your Sidebar