Use Facebook Groups

In the past, I’ve encouraged people to set up a Facebook Page for marketing your special content, for putting your business out there, but times have changed.

Facebook now wants you to buy their ads. If you don’t, your Page will rarely be seen by anyone except your closest friends.

You have to use your Facebook profile instead

No, you can’t set up a profile for your business, but you can use your own personal profile for marketing your brand, your business and your content. One way you can use your profile is by using Facebook groups.

Network Facebook Groups

Facebook group posts get lots of exposure in the news feed and you don’t need stats to tell you that. When I look at my Facebook feed I hardly ever see anything from a Page anymore but I see a heck of a lot from the groups.

  • Join groups that your target audiences belong to
  • Create a group to attract people with specific interests

1. Join groups
Do a search of Facebook. Are you a photographer? Search photography groups, especially in your local area. Ask questions, share your knowledge and compliment the work of others in the group. (You never know, you could pick up a local gig). Same for artists such as dancers, musicians etc. Perhaps you sell physical products such as Scale model racing cars, join groups which talk about these products.

2. Create a group
Have a look at your Page, you could set up a Facebook group for it quite easily. Let me use an example. Port Melbourne First World War Centenary. This is an excellent Page, full of interesting information and excellent images but with a small reach. Sadly, I don’t see the updates in my feed, I have to physically navigate to the Page to see what’s new. So I would also set up a group on this topic. Something like ‘Memories of …’ or ‘Personal History of …’. Nostalgia is popular.

Be seen to be useful, be seen to be helpful. Be seen.