Genesis Widget Featured Post

Question : Just wondering where you might use a featured post, where it would appear and why you would use one.

The Featured Post widget is a Navigation Tool. You display categories, and any number of posts you choose from that category, with this widget.

A Sidebar example with Featured Posts and Custom Menu

Remember when we used the widget ‘Categories’ to display our, you guessed it, categories? Now we use a Custom Menu instead.

You can pick and choose what goes into a Custom Menu but lets say that you have a menu with selected categories. Looks good, but there’s one category that you feel more important the others. So, we can use that category on a Featured Post widget.

Drag a Featured Post widget to your sidebar. Set it up the way you want. Choose the number of posts you want to display e.t.c (See How to Configure a Featured Post widget)


You can use any number of Featured Post widgets, with any number of posts displayed , and you can drag them to any position that you want.

Have a look at the sidebar in this screenshot. There’s a Featured Post widget, in the ‘Recipe’ category, set to show 2 posts, in the sidebar. The widget is configured to show a thumbnail image.


Have a play around with the Featured Post widget. Try different variations.

Here’s that sidebar again, this time with one Featured Post widget showing just 1 post in the “Gift Shop’ category (with thumbnail image). Another Featured Post widget shows the ‘Recipe’ category set to 3 posts (no images).


Let’s have a look at the Featured Post widgets in that second example

First, there’s a Featured Post widget in the “Gift Shop’ category. It’s set to show one post and I’ve chosen to show the image.

The next Featured Post widget is set to the ‘Recipe’ category and I want three posts, but no images.