Video Marketing is Simple

Here’s a New Year resolution for you. Make 2015 the year that you use videos to enhance your online presence.

Over the last few years, online video has proven to be the most engaging and compelling form of content on every major social network.

Make Youtube your friend

Youtube remains the second largest search engine in the world and third largest social network and, as long as it stays on top, you must have your videos running in your YouTube channel.

With 1 billion monthly users, YouTube is the easiest way to share and promote your brand and interests with videos. Because it’s such a powerful social media channel, it’s a great place to build your online presence through community engagement by following, commenting and sharing.

It’s simple for anyone to make a video now. Let’s say you have a site about a local area, for example the beautiful Westgate park. This site uses the Crystal theme and a short video could easily be placed in the “Welcome to our website’ page. Any site will benefit from a short video no matter what your topic is or what theme you use.

If you’re not too happy with your own video techniques, use Animoto to produce a video slideshow from photos, video clips, and music. There’s a free plan, and also a very cheap first level membership. You put your video slideshow together and upload to Youtube, then copy the embed code into your post.

Here’s how to embed a video in your site