WordPress 101 – Write that Content

Now that you can successfully write a post, add an image, add links, set it to a category and decide if you want comments or not, it’s time to write a new post. Not just any post, think of this as an exam to see if you have full control over your WordPress text editor and to demonstrate your compelling craft of writing something that people want to read.

Choose what style of post you’re going to write. There are a lot of styles and a lot of ways to write a post but it’s simpler to look at them as having three definite functions.

  • Instructional
  • Informational
  • Inspirational

How do these 3 functions work in your niche?

Instructional. You’re telling the Reader how to do something. Let’s use a simple example – How to hang curtains. Describe how to measure the length of the drop from curtain rod to the floor, what tools are needed (brackets, screws, tape measure, a screwdriver, etc). Use a couple of photographs to illustrate the instructions. Find a product to suggest here, such as a spirit level.

Informational. Compare curtains. Find a product. Write a review of some curtains. What are curtains for? To enhance the elegance of a room? To change the decor of a room for a complete new look? To block out the sun? Curtains are for all these things. How can colour can influence our emotions?

Inspirational. Changing the curtains is like changing some aspect of your life. A new step forward. A new direction. A new Season. How replacing long, rich drapes for fluffy frills, or for cafe curtains can mean a new start, a fresh look at how to overcome some sadness in the past. Find a product.

As you see those 3 styles, instructional, informational and inspirational can be the basis for just one post but it would be a long post, wouldn’t it? Nothing wrong with a long post but we’re going to dig into the topic of curtains and use just one of those functions to write a post.

Organise your Thoughts

You have to know what you want to say before you say it. Write down the important points you will make and arrange them in the order you want to make them. Throw away any ideas that aren’t directly related to these points.

Start with a good headline

We spoke about Headlines before. Perhaps a quick read of Hit Them with a Headline before you start is a good idea. (That link opens in a new tab so you won’t lose your place).

Before writing your post, do the basic keyword research. In other words, go to Google and type as if you were the person looking. Get a look at the top results and see how you can beat them.

If you want a really good guide to keyword research, have a look at Chapter 5 of the Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO – Keyword Research

Create a catchy intro

Begin with the most important facts first. The intro to every post needs to grab the reader’s attention instantly and summarise the story with around 25 to 30 words.

Short Paragraphs and Short Sentences

Have a look at any newspaper and see how short the paragraphs are. People understand better when your ideas are broken into small chunks. The sentences are short too. One thought per sentence.

Your post doesn’t have to be huge. Try for something between 500 – 750 words