WordPress Training Two part one

Write a Post

Navigate to Dashboard >> Posts >> Add New

Add New Post

Add New Post

When you follow that ‘Add New’ link you will reach the Text Editor.

You must have seen many text editors like this, you may have seen its identical twin. This is the standard Editor and the sturdy backbone on which WordPress is built.

 WordPress Text Editor

WordPress Text Editor

Take 5 minutes and have a look at it. There are two tabs on the top right and a row of icons along the top. If you have a mouse, hover over those icons. No mouse? You should still be able to hover and read the description of the work those icons do.

We will look at those icons in detail a little later, for now the important parts of the text editor are the

  • Title – Enter title here
  • The Visual / Text Tab
  • The icons along the top
  • The Keyboard Toggle
  • The Add Media button
Closer Look at the Text Editor

Closer Look at the Text Editor

Title – Enter title here – Simple. Write your title

The Visual / Text Tab. Click on the tab to ‘Text’ and see the difference. Go back to ‘Visual’, that’s the easiest mode to write your first posts in.

The icons along the top. Standard icons, like your email program. Use these to make your text Bold, in Italics, bulleted (and numbered) lists, put a block of text in quotes, etc

Keyboard Toggle Keyboard Toggle

The Keyboard Toggle opens up another row of icons. This is where you find the tools for Paragraph, which you use for formatting your posts. After you have the steps for writing a post firmly in your head, we’ll look at formatting. Let’s get these beginning steps right first.

The Add Media button
As it says, to add your media. You use this for adding an image to your post.

Watch the Video

Part One in a series of How to Write a Post

Add an Image to your Post

Now we move on to add an image to the post. Read how to add an image here