wp-cycle-locationThe WP-Cycle is a Slider for Genesis, but it’s associated with just one theme – the Crystal theme.

It slides, but it’s basically a pretty way of showing off your images. No more than that so, if you really wanted a text overlay, it’s a small thing to give up for the elegant simplicity of the Crystal theme.

Before you begin to use the WP-Cycle,

  • 1. Get an image 600 X 300 (or 320 – no higher than 320). If you already have a post with an image, you need ANOTHER image to use.
  • 2. Write and publish your post. You need to get the FULL url (including the http://) so, after publishing, view your post and copy that url.

Done? OK, let’s configure it.

You’ll find the Settings for the WP-Cycle under Media in your dashboard.

1. WP-Cycle Settings

1. When you first open the WP-Cycle you’ll find the Settings page. I’ve tried numerous settings for the WP-Cycle and the ones in the screenshot below I’ve found to be the smoothest.


You could change the setting Length of time (in seconds) you would like each image to be visible, but leave the rest the way they’re outlined in the screenshot.

2. Upload New Image

Next, you upload an image


It’s easy enough to upload an image – but, in the case of the WP-Cycle, there’s no option to use an image from your library, you must upload a new one


Rightio, you’ve chosen the image you want to upload. Click the Upload button

3. Link the image to a post

You can see the space allocated to hold the link


Paste in the url – the FULL url of your image. The full url includes the http://

That’s all. The Crystal theme is pre-configured to display the WP-Cycle

Here’s a WordPress with the WP-Cycle on the Crystal child theme in action