Write for your Number 1 Reader

Hopefully you have a lot more than one person visiting your site but this post isn’t about numbers, it’s about creating content that’s relevant and personal, posts that your Reader will enjoy and benefit from.

One way to do this is to imagine your Reader.

What does your Reader look like? Male or female? How old? Where would she live? Does he ride a bike or does he drive? Kids? Grandkids?

Then write everything directly to that person. Imagine her sitting across from you in a coffee shop, as you share news about what’s going on in your locality. Perhaps he’s having a beer with you while you talk about what’s going on in your business.

Your ideal Reader is a friend. Write warmly and directly to her. Every time you put your fingers on the keyboard to create a post, visualise that friendly, interested face.

Do you feel like you’re leaving someone out? Will this be “ignoring” some readers?Talking to a group is a mistake, your writing will show it.

Writing directly to your one ideal Reader means personal, genuine content.