Your Contact Page

Your Contact page is exactly what it says – a way for your visitors to contact you. It’s utilitarian, straight to the point and doesn’t need anything fancy.

Your Contact page will have a web form for your visitors to fill out. If you have a dedicated business phone by all means leave the phone number or skype number. If you work out of a building, give the location.

  • Show you’re interested in hearing from someone with a friendly introduction.
  • Suggest how long it’ll take for you to answer inquiries.
  • If you display a physical address, include your full address, the geo site from Google Maps and possibly driving directions and parking details. What about a picture of your building?
  • If you have a showroom, include details of what people will find in your showroom as an incentive to come and see you. A photo would go well in this case.
  • You can also include a link to your facebook page and, if you feel it’s applicable, your social media profiles.

While you’re polishing up your Contact page, remember it’s sole purpose is to encourage contact, keep it concise.

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