Put a Youtube Video in your Site

paste-from-youtube-6-miniTo add a video from Youtube in your site you paste in the code provided.

To paste in any code at all, you must use Text Mode. When you start to write a Post (or Page) you have a choice of Visual or Text.

See the tabs to the right in that little image?

Watch the Video

Instructions with Screenshots

1. Choose your video from Youtube
I’ve chosen this modern version of some ancient Roman music



2. Go to the Share Button


3. Choose the Embed button

4. When you choose the Embed button, the code for the video is displayed

5. I alter the embed code to fit my page. I’m changing it to 580p wide. Youtube fills in the height dimension for me



6. I copy that code and go to my site and wherever it is that I’m going to display that video. I make sure that I’m posting in Text mode




Paste in the code. Set the category. Save